That party was so last year

Now that we are in the new year, we wanted to share our party hosting tips that were originally written for a New Year’s Eve party, but they extend to any modest sized gathering. After reading, how did you party go? How could you improve?

Hosting Tips

Commit early, commit often – If you’re going to play host this year, commit yourself, then get your core group of friends to commit themselves and save the date. Once you have a solid grasp on the minimum size of your soiree you’ll know how far up you can comfortably scale your invite list.

Compose a killer score – Don’t let the soundtrack to your night be an afterthought– make it the star of the night. Everyone loves music, and it sets the tone of the evening more than any other element. Find or build multiple playlists in advance, each for a different part of the evening– the cocktail hour, the peak of the party, the countdown and then finally the wind down. You can create and cancel a Spotify or Pandora account at will, which takes care of the legwork. And remember: your phone is NOT your DJ.

Nightlife needs nightlight – Unless you host a lot, the lighting in your place needs a little planning. It’s also the easiest way to transform a familiar, everyday living space into a lounge or a dance floor. Most lighting is strictly functional, but a party needs more nuanced illumination. Creative use of candles, dimmer switches, lower wattage bulbs, colored bulbs and even empty sockets (the bathroom doesn’t need to be lit like a surgical theater) are the only tools you need to perfect your ambiance.

Book your kitchen – People gather where they can dance, drink and snack– sometimes, your kitchen is all three rolled into one. Consider how your guests will flow through your house, and where they will eddy. Make your kitchen a comfortable place to linger.

Take your self hosting to the next level with these small tips for preparation.