Every event has its bottlenecks because there is always a place where people have to go. This can be event created, i.e. registration process, food lines or site created i.e. there are only so many doors, roads, etc.

First, always use a line to your advantage. A line is great place to communicate important information to a captive audience. A line is a great place to control flow elsewhere in the event. A line can be part of the event, like the new iPad release.

Lines can also ruin your event? Did you not set up enough registration people or food lines during the rush? Do you have people waiting in too many places? At registration, at the restroom, at the bar, at the checkout stand, at the food line? Your participants are not there to wait in line.

Line Considerations

  • Restrooms: Capacity, type of activity, type of participant, duration of event
  • Food: slow and rush times, type of food(s), complexity of food serving, is food a focal point
  • Registration: Number of participants, complexity of process, troubleshooting and problematic customers, “cash only or express lines”
  • Signage: Needs, visibility, and effectiveness of messaging
  • Personal: Staffing and bodies to direct people
  • Bars: Make it easy, bars are highly profitable
  • Driving: Will the existing infrastructure suffice? Do you need to hire police to manage traffic?